UX/UI Open Travel Solution

With key understanding of the business objectives, an acknowledgement of the code framework libraries, the user interface can make for a functional, easy to use experience for every user

Remittance System Design

System design for Habibson's Bank head office in London. The application is browser based and is used as a counter deposit app for staff in three worldwide locations while serving as a customer portal, re-using interface sections

Video Sequencing Solution

An ecommerce application to sell video presenters to global audience. The presenter is scaled and positioned on a captured JPG from the consumers website then applied, saved to the account, paid for then order processed through the website admin section

Contract Tendering System

Serving governmental documents is a problem because of constant iterations - a notification system needed designing inside the portal as well as highlighted converted PDF's from word showing iterations and dates > delivered by preference to each account user

Ecommerce - Central DBAdmin

This system is designed to gather the latest $dollar price from XML data and aggregate the cost for display within the interface. An SQL database links two seperate URL's to one central administration screen, allowing the client to process diamond type/grade and ring size orders for any user

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